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Post by Stinky_Cheese on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:06 pm

I'll list a bunch of items that I declare Ninja items. Mainly cause they can dodge abilities:D

Like 1. Kelen's Dagger ( Anything this can't dodge????)

2. Lothars (Can dodge any single target damage,, including tower attacks on the way or auto attacks, also can be used to channel spells or abilities. Like TP scrolls, use the scroll then push lothars you'll be invis and TP LOL)

3. Force staff (Ninja cause it can push people down cliffs, etc. You can dodge Earthshaker with this, quite fun doing that lol)

4. Euls (Extremely ninja combined with kelens, can dodge massive amounts of damage or to stall for time while your team is on the way. I've seen someone dodge Void's ulti with this, was crying with laughter!!!)

5. Manta Style ( Imba, Can dodge anything that's just about to hit you, including Nevermore's ulti or Levithans ulti. Yes, it's all that and more kids, I've dodged Zeus's ulti with this pure piece of imbaness!! Also you can use this to get off cliffs or trap yourself in certain spots so melee heroes can't get you!!)

6. Armlet (Why's it ninja? It's imba!!! And it gives a portion of health momentarily, by that it can be used to dodge immediate death like that last attack gonna hit u or zeus=])

7. Magic Wand (In every serious game I get this, has saved me so many times I've lost count, very very imba, it has instant heal which is like OMW!!!)

8. Ghost scepter/ Ethereal Blade(Can dodge Physical damage, like Jugs ulti, Extremely fun watching jug thinking he's the cool dude and got you on your own while you waste his lol and manaxD. been there done that, Rofl'd at the noob)

9. Black King Bar( Everyone's scared of the huge ninja!, Makes you magic immune and can be used to avoid those spammers, doesn't take much skill besides low level reactions and timing. I'll use this in higher level games where the enemies are better co-ordinated. Like Nevermore for example, using this and blinking in makes everyone defecate in their pants lol. I would know, I could smell you at the tourny David!! Rolling Eyes)

10. Blademail (When that Nevermore is gonna take you out with his imbaly timed utli activate this to take the sucka with you mwahahaha!! So pro!!)

Thanks for not wasting your life reading this Smile
I had fun typing it and have done research on my ninja'ness Laughing
Your pro
Soon you will be a mod
Soon you will be a mod

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DotA- Ninja Items Empty Re: DotA- Ninja Items

Post by MGMT on Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:19 am

dont think this post got many views but thanks very much mate + rep

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