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Post by SimmyDOTuk on Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:31 pm

Can someone post some good advice ffor playing rome total war online. For example what upgrades to use and how to use certaian units. I want to get better playing online.

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Post by killzone 040 on Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:06 pm

I am not the best player at that game, and not wanna be having a big ego now, but i can go along and win some of the decent players, and sometimes, on a good day for myself, and a bad for him, i do win from some better one's.
You have to learn from your battles, maybe looking up for some history can help you out! It helped me some, becuz, if i play full money, i use a tactic that was generally used by the ancient romans. But you will learn from battles, withouth you knowing it youreself, try to get to know terrains, now,: some tips!

- play at a map, and play reguraly on that map
- if you really wanna get better, play at grassy flats for beginning, there aren't any .. idk how to say, but its all flat, if you know what i mean, so no highground to be sitting on for your enemy

- always keep cav close to your main line
- don't break op your main infantry line, but when there is a cav battle going on, you should be sending 1 or 2 infantry units in it: you will have a huge advantage there (only if ur main line doesn't needs THAT much strength
- upgrade your armory level and attack level ALWAYS gold, gold. Only when there is very little money, you need to try something else, but i recommend you to play on 30k ;)
- if you look to your enemy's troops, they have little flags on they're men: Those are the upgrades, so if the left flank of the enemy, only has like 4 flags, and the right flank of his line, has 7 orso, you need to focuse ur cav (if you have them left from any battle or something else) on the LEFT flank

A last word: i hope i helped you a bit, despite my bad english, i wish you good luck, and if you wanna battle me, just give me a kick Razz GL & HF!

killzone 040
killzone 040
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Post by CaesarRex on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:43 pm

good tips there Killzone

multiplayer tips Mine

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