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28th of April Friday Summary

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28th of April Friday Summary Empty 28th of April Friday Summary

Post by Cain Fri May 12, 2017 5:07 pm

28th of April Friday Summary
Joe suggested that the group go upstairs, while Urug suggested investigating further the floor they were on.  Team encountered corridor with traps that Razz Matazz tried to disarm, however one trap triggered a deadly flood of water which froze over and prevented further exploration of the corridor. The team decided to split up with Azrael running into a pitch-black room that had ghostly apparitions that tried to attack Azrael and the floor boobytrapped so tiles would break and people would fall to their deaths.

Azrael tripped up 3 tiles that showed light from underneath and was left clinging for life until Razz Matazz tried to save him but Uruk fell through one and landed on a tree while Tore’el decided to run downstairs and shoot the tiles to defeat the ghostly apparitions by hurting them with natural light from the exposed tiles.
Both Tore’el & Uruk finally came upstairs while Joe and Azrael and Razz Matazz were fighting the last of the ghostly apparitions.  Joe decided to take a rest and returned back to the area and wait by the stairs.
Durxiros throughout all of this was fast asleep in his bed having fell into a deep sleep and did not participate further any adventures with the group for this duration.
Tore’el & Uruk & Razz Matazz & Azrael went further and found a room with kobolds sitting at a table eating also noticed was the vines on the ceiling.  The group quickly killed the kobolds but a baby dragon appeared however Razz Matazz’s special arrows kept in place the dragon as the team then proceeded to kill the dragon. 

The team then went into the room where the dragon was and found its treasure trove of gold and items it had left behind also taken from the dragon was the teeth the dragon had and after such a long fight, the team returned back to the rest area and decided to rest.

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