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Joe is cranky, and in a hurry.

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Joe is cranky, and in a hurry. Empty Joe is cranky, and in a hurry.

Post by Batman Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:24 pm

God damn these people, waking up before noon. The outrage! I need my sleep. 

Now we're walking around this little Haven place to see if we can buy some supplies we might need. Well I did need to buy somethings for my boat since the group had mentioned earlier that sailing might be faster than walking depending which way we went.

I see Urug is already rushing to the get himself a new weapon. Not having the patience to go to different stores I walk up to a place with the words "Al's General Store - For all your adventuring needs" painted boldly in red on an old banner. "All your adventuring needs huh? We shall see about that" I mumble to myself as I walk in with a scowl on my face.

I already know what I want so I walk up to the old wooden counter where I see the shop keeper bent over some parchment. "You there shop keeper. Can you jot down what I want? It might be a long list..." I say to him as I peer around his queer little shop, crowded to the brim with a little bit of everything. He looks up from the parchment....

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