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Post by ConnorBS Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:25 am

After settling down to the campfire, the entire party takes a collective breath. It's been the first whiff of fresh air since breaking into the museum. Stuck in a damp, dark space underneath the museum, everyone can stretch their legs. 

After finally having a sense of safety, this group of burglars and murderers take a look at their ill-gotten spoils.

Razz opens the journal.(Larger Image)

Journal VO98Pzd

"Unfortunately, I fear that this may be my last journal entry, as our time appears to be coming to an end. I only pray that this book retains it's properties for the coming years. As per my instructions, many members have already fled and taken our cherished memories. This book should always show the location of our passage back home.

I just hope those who follow us in the future are strong enough to bare the burdens we could not.

One Final Time:

Risen to the Heavens
Dove the Depths of Hell
Our wills our are Weapons

In History Books we will dwell

Though many may scheme
We are just the lucky few
Reality as we dream
Justice as we view

Wkh Jxlogkdoo'v Grrunqre - Wkh hqwubzdb lqwr rxu kdoorzhg kdoov. Fxuuhqwob Zhvwzdugob"


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