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HoN Wars Season 2 Begins

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HoN Wars Season 2 Begins Empty HoN Wars Season 2 Begins

Post by ConnorBS Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:31 am

Greetings and Salutations Again!

HoN Wars Season 2 has begun, and it's time to seriously think about forming groups or joining if you haven't already.

This tournament, for those who do not know, is a solo tournament fir "Heroes of Newerth" with the 'casual gamer' at mind. All that is required for you to join is to have played a minimum of 50 MatchMaking games. This tournament is very simple with many divisions, and only a little start up time per match (in round 1, all that is required is for you is to press Play Match on the website, and then the preceding que time it takes to find a game in mmr). You are not tied to any partners and can jump around from team and solo queing, but as any player in team games knows, there is an advantage when you play with people you know.

This Season they are offering the ability to do 'instant matches' in which you can place wages. I am unsure of the specifics at this time as they have just implemented it, but if there is an interest, I can transpose the info here at a later date.

The cash Payouts are minimal (especially compared to Season 1) but are spread out greatly, and with 0 cash deposit, This is a tournament that I would greatly recommend. Not to mention that it gives the standard HoN Game a little more 'spice' and intensity.

When this was posted, the tournament had 6 d 18 h left untill the end of Round.

If people would like to know more, I can post more up (seeing as their rules still refer to the beta testing) or they can sign up at


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