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New Members - READ THIS! Empty New Members - READ THIS!

Post by CaesarRex on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:26 am

Welcome to The Dream Team.

All of this might seem a little daunting going through each topic but with most of it you can take your time.

What you need to do however is go to the topic labelled MSN / X-Fire / Teamspeak / Steam / Ventrillo and check the info on Ventrilo.

That is the current voice server we are on. It is ok if you dont have a headset to enable you to chat but it is vital so the rest of the clan can relay messages to you.

Also go to the section labelled Ranks.

Here you will see what your tags are to look like and you can start wearing them with pride.

If you are able, please download and install xfire - its easy to use and you can invite us as friends, caesarrex or evilgummybear. This way you will be able to see when we online and playing so you may join us in battle.

These are the most important steps to getting started.
From there you can read through the forums at your leisure and hopefully you will enjoy your stay with us.

Remember as a Dream Member your ultimate goal is to have fun...



New Members - READ THIS! Mine

New Members - READ THIS! Signat10
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