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Post by EvilGummyBear on Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:05 pm

Basic tips and tricks for new players:

Before u enter a game u first want to know the following:

1. What map is it?
„« It is better to play on a map u know
„« Bridge batlles are best won with greece
„« A siegebatlle is won by the most and strongest infantry (romans or spartans)
„« A desertbatle will tire your troops fast when running
„« A forrest batlle means barbarian factions have a bonus and units can hide from arrows (and sight) in the trees

2. What money do we play
„« Low money means a lot of choices and is harder to play for new players
„« High money (50k or more) means only roman, greece and elephant armies are good (sellucid and carthage)

3. What weather is on
„« When it is raining or it's a blizzard dont use (a lot) of missile troops.
„« Most barbarian factions have a bonus in winter and snow

4. What rules do u have to play
„« When it is no art no ele, romans and greece are the best on high money
„« When it is no art carthage, sellucid and parthia are great on high money
„« On cwb rules all factions are strong

What army to pick?
„« Try copying armies of opponents u lost from and compare theirs to your own.
„« dont take to many different units when u start because each unit has its specific uses.
„« Take strong infantery so your baseline remains steady and u will have time to react to your opponent
„« Use strong cavelary and make sure u have the means to win a cav battle. U can support cav with fast infantery units like triari, gladiators or arcani.
„« When upgrading units remember that 1 experience is better and cheaper then 1 shield + 1 sword
„« Often it is better to make your general an infantery unit, so u will be sure he will be near in the midst of batlle. Also infantery usually lives longer then cavalry

How to fight?
„« Always keep your army close together
„« Make sure your troops are not surrounded
„« Try to see what units your opponent is moving and react accordingly
„« Beware of flank and back attacks
„« Use cav on other cav or on the back or flank of enemy units
„« Use testudo to deflect from arrows and pilums or enemy cav and chariot attacks
„« Group your units so u can handle them in battle.

How to win a missile battle?
-always keep missiles in loose formation during missile battle ;

-try to keep your other troops as close to them as possible so they will be able to defend them from enemy cav strikes ;

-if enemy cav is going to attack your missiles ,dont pull the missiles behind your battle line as the enemy will be able to shoot them while you do this ,instead either order your main battle line to go in front of your missiles or order some of your cav to intercept enemy cav (bare in mind that your missiles can shoot the incoming enemy cav as well ,so if you have plenty of missiles and enemy cav is lightly armored just shoot them with your missiles) ;

-if the enemy's missiles have a longer range then yours ,then run with all your army as close to him as you need for your missiles to shoot his -by running towards him he wont have time to shoot you and he loses the whole advantage of the longer range ;

-you could try to concentrate your fire on some of his missile units ,taking them out and leaving the others to run out of ammo ,this is particulary usefull if you dont need your missiles in order to win ,but you do need the enemy to have no missiles or no ammo (for example if you have ele or scythed chars ,you need the enemy to have no missiles otherwise they will amok your ele or chars) ;

-this tip is a particulary usefull one ,not many people know ,but if your missile troops are arranged into a thin line then it is harder for the enemy missiles to hit them ,however it is easier for the enemy cav to attack their ends ,so it is usefull to keep them into a thin line if you have better cav or enough men to cover all the space behind them .

Common knowledge
„« Dont fight uphill
„« Dont use cav on spearman (except from the back)
„« Units without armor are more sensitive from arrows
„« Units in tight formation are more sensitive for arrows
„« Running infantery is more sensitive for arrows
„« Cav and ele who stand still are more sensitive for arrows
„« Ele can rout form fire arrows and attack your own troops
„« Routing ele can be killed by a special command
„« Troops on defensive mode have a stronger defense
„« When u use phalanx push backspace when u are engaged in battle
„« When u charge with cav units use alt when u attack
„« Testudo kill chariots
„« Ele kill cohorts and cav
„« Camels kill horses
„« Pigs, triari and phalanx kill ele
„« Dont use testudo against ele

Bonus in battle
„« When your troops are less tired then your opponents
„« When your troops have better morale
„« When your troops surround your opponent
„« When u attack from side or back
„« When u attack a phalanx when his spears are up
„« When u attack cav with spear units
„« When u use fire arrows on battling troops
„« When u use dogs, screecing woman, druids, warcry or eagle bonus (legion cohort)
„« When u fight downhill
„« When u ambush the opponent
„« When u charge the opponent
„« When u break the opponents unit formation
„« When u keep your general close to the battle
„« When u sound the horn of your general's unit

Common courtesy
„« Always be noble
„« Show respect
„« When joining someones game always say hi and ask for the rules
„« When u heard the rules say ok so the host knows u read it
„« Always respect the rules of the host
„« Before starting always say HF & GL (meaning have fun and good luck)
„« Always admit defeat before u leave the game
„« When you are host never terminate the game before everyone is finished
„« When finished always say GG (wich means good game)
„«I'd advise to be careful with the term "noob" - it is commonly used too much in the wrong way and in my opinion its respectless.
„«If you really have to kick someone "good", always ask first. If not try to appologize as much as possible.
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Post by Crainox on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:50 pm

Wow you know a lot - thank you for the tips!!!

Post some more
Post some more

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Post by CaesarRex on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:56 pm

Nice one Gummy.

+rep for you m8.

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Post by EvilGummyBear on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:00 am

hehe no problemo although I do like a bit of worship > bow
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Post by Discharge4life on Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:26 am

How long did it take you to type that all man? Haha, do you have nothing better to do with your time? I'm just kidding you know. Lol. Thats a lot of info, and if I do have any questions about this, you will for sure be the first one I go to. Smile

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