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Sports... Empty Sports...

Post by Stinky_Cheese on Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:25 pm

Yes I know, "Nerds hate Sports" Stereotype...
But who cares?!
I love Sports and Love Computers!!!! I'm a Sport Nerd! Very Happy
Anyway that's not the reason I made this topic, I made it for three reasons:

1: Wanna know if you guys/gals actually play sport and what sport

2: SPAM!!!!!

3: To tell you guys as a Fact that gamers have far better hand-eye co-ordination than non-gamers thus making us better at precision work such as Surgery, etc. So Gaming FTW!!! YEAH Razz

lol, Woops forgot to mention my sports Embarassed
Well I've played many sports and only liked a few...
My first ever sport played and always had a passion for it, Cricket! Best Sport ever Very Happy
Soccer, Played, not really me....
Rugby? Excuse to feel other men's "parts" confused
Ten-pin Bowling, Awesome Stress reliever Victory
Darts, Not cool when ur wasted/drunk nero

Hockey, haven't truly played yet

Tennis, also never truly played yet.
etc etc... Hard Man
Soon you will be a mod
Soon you will be a mod

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Sports... Empty Re: Sports...

Post by MGMT on Fri Dec 25, 2009 10:43 am

i play a lot of football or "soccer" in the US Very Happy

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