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RTW - How To Use Pontus Empty RTW - How To Use Pontus

Post by EvilGummyBear on Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:49 pm

Pontus is an amazing faction, so amazing that sometimes it seems to me that it can have endless utilizations.
I'll talk here about one of the most common ones.

Phalanxes: It's easy to say: they arent so good. For this reason it's better to take six of them g/g (3/3). If you have to face Egypt is quite interesting to enlarge their form in to two lines, because phalanxes with little pikes are more vulnerable to the long phalanxes...don't forget two phalanx men 2/1 to protect your flanks because chariots are a cruel enemy for your phalanxes.

Archers: They are fondamental to win, you need to upgrade them g/g because they will be able to resist and make some troubles to your opponent. Remember to enforce them with your chariot archers. How you deploy them it's not a problem. Anyway it's better the large deployment.

Chariot Archers: This is an huge bonus for pontus because he lets you overcome the factions with 8 archers allowed in cwb rules. Against some factions it's better to have them g/-, but vs egypt it's better b/-, because their chariot archers, despite they have the same strenght of the yours, are stronger...and I don't know why. Anyway you can skirmish very well joining them with your archers, the best would be three archers per chariots. Upgrade them with golden attack.

Light and Heavy Horse Skirmishers: They are useful to annoy the enemy and to get weaker egyptian chariots, don't use them for attack and upgrade them with golden sword. The Heavy skirmishers are useful to enforce the cappadocian horsemen.

Cappadocian Horsemen: They are a strong force of cavalry, as good as cataphracts, but more barbarian. This is a disadvantage for you, for this reason you need to upgrade them always g/g or g/s. If not they'll go routing easily.
Don't use them to fight the chariots, as they have the horse legs naked and the chariots are happy to tear the cataphracts leg...This cavalry gives you an huge advantage vs carthage and greeks.

Schythed chariots: They are a destructive units for both you and the enemy. For you because if they imperversate you have lost the cav fight sometimes, for the enemy because even two of them can destroy six cav.

I suggest you to upgrade them sometimes, silver or bronze sword is the perfect choice. And they are your weapon fighting egypt. But use two only because of the pharaoh's archers.
They aren't necessary when you play vs phalanxes faction as it's enough a militia oplite to kill all your schythes. But as everything in rtw if you use it wisely everything it's an advantage.
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