New computer (brammek11's version) :D

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Buy/get new or upgrade ole one

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New computer (brammek11's version) :D Empty New computer (brammek11's version) :D

Post by brammeke11 on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:59 pm

Since i broke my old computer thx to windows 7 i want a new one for christmas.

But... but but but, my father wants to fix the old one and upgrade it. You know, the graphics card, processor, RAM expantion, the whole deal.

I want the Acer Aspire m7720.
My old computer WAS a Hp pavilion desktop with windows xp, 1gb RAM, i think something around a 3Ghz dualcore-processor, 32 bit. and an nvidia graphics card.

The funny part: knight
In awaiting, my father already bought to big 20" samsung screens, with a promo at the store and bonus from his job it was very cheap. Now i have 2 masive widescreens, that are a bit to low if you ask me, but no computer to plug them into.

New computer (brammek11's version) :D Bureau11
Do not mind the mess! And thats an order mister.

As you can c, there is no computer where there should be one. So i plugged one of the screen in my laptop.

Back to being serious again.
I want you guys opinion what to do. Buy/get a new one or upgrade the oldtimer?
Post some more
Post some more

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New computer (brammek11's version) :D Empty Re: New computer (brammek11's version) :D

Post by dvn_thegreat on Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:40 pm


if i would have the space that you have there...omg...
nice nice
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