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Post by CaesarRex on Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:26 pm

Welcome Dream Members and Mods.

Here is the opportunity many of you are looking for.

A chance to have your own award much like the 'Crazy Gummybear Award'.

Here follows the criteria for your awards:

-You cannot be a Recruit to design an award. All members from the rank of 'Sleepy' may have their own award.
-You have to manage your own award meaning ensuring that the games are played according to the rules and that the screenshots qualify.
-Awards have to be unique (They cannot be identical or similar to another).
-Remember the award does not have to have you included in it. It can be a general award.
-It requires a title (On approval of the Leaders)
-It requires a ruleset (On approval of the Leaders)
-All award 'badges' are done according to a set standard (If you have an idea or a picture you might want to use please pass on to the Dream Leaders and we can see if it can be used.

Should you require any more information you may contact either Dream Leader to confirm.
Post all Ideas in the 'Idea Bank' for approval.
Enjoy and I hope to see many members make the most out of this opportunity.



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