New computer (brammek11's version) :D

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Buy/get new or upgrade ole one

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New computer (brammek11's version) :D

Post by brammeke11 on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:59 pm

Since i broke my old computer thx to windows 7 i want a new one for christmas.

But... but but but, my father wants to fix the old one and upgrade it. You know, the graphics card, processor, RAM expantion, the whole deal.

I want the Acer Aspire m7720.
My old computer WAS a Hp pavilion desktop with windows xp, 1gb RAM, i think something around a 3Ghz dualcore-processor, 32 bit. and an nvidia graphics card.

The funny part: knight
In awaiting, my father already bought to big 20" samsung screens, with a promo at the store and bonus from his job it was very cheap. Now i have 2 masive widescreens, that are a bit to low if you ask me, but no computer to plug them into.

Do not mind the mess! And thats an order mister.

As you can c, there is no computer where there should be one. So i plugged one of the screen in my laptop.

Back to being serious again.
I want you guys opinion what to do. Buy/get a new one or upgrade the oldtimer?
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Post some more

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Re: New computer (brammek11's version) :D

Post by dvn_thegreat on Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:40 pm


if i would have the space that you have there...omg...
nice nice
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